Rob From Mad Tv Show, Name, Career, Youtube

Rob From Mad Tv Show

Rob From Mad Tv Show is a renowned illustrator and artist. He has worked for a long tenure with POGO and inspired many people to create their art. In this article, I’ll share his real name, career, and his Youtube channel. 

About Rob 

The real name of Rob From Mad Tv Show is Harun Robert. He was born in New Delhi. And completed his education from the National Institute of Design.

He is most famous for his Do It Yourself show ‘M.A.D’. It has gained him a significant number of popularity among south Asian viewers.

M.A.D was one of the most popular POGO shows. Rob From Mad Tv was the face for creating DIY arts in South Asia. 

About M.A.D TV Show 


M.A.D full form is Music, Art, and Dance. The show was intended to educate students to devour their time in creating art.

The show’s length was about 30 minutes. M.A.D original broadcast occurred between 2005 and 2010.

In those five years, the show produced over seven series. M.A.D total number of episodes till the end of the show was 70.

MIDITECH did the show production. M.A.D was originally made in the HINDI language. But after the success of the show.

It was also telecast in Tamil, Telugu, and other regional languages. Rob From Mad Tv Show became synonymous with creating artistic work.

Rob was also accompanied by co-anchors. They were mainly introduced to perform the Music and Dance aspect of the show. 

M.A.D Cast 

  • Rob
  • Candy
  • Palak 
  • Abhas 
  • Deepti 
  • Sid 
  • Chinu 
  • Rumana 

M.A.D Show Rules

Rob From Mad Tv Show

M.A.D was not focused only on teaching crafts and arts. They also did not show simple tricks with paper.

The key idea behind the show was to encourage students to take Arts as a subject seriously.

Kids were introduced with melodious music, interesting facts, and amazing dance. They also introduce kids with talented people in the field of Arts.

All the seasons are based on this concept only. There were some different themes in season 5. But largely the show has remained the same for all of its seasons.

The show theme revolves around mainly camera, space, and water. The show has different sections like Make It Easy, Unnamed Art Section, and The Big Picture.

Basically these sections are divided into parts to showcase different difficulty levels.

Like in The Big Picture, Rob showcases very extreme and big Art. And likewise in the Make It Easy section, Rob teaches simple Art that can be replicated by students. 

Rob (Harun Robert) Youtube Channel

Chotha Bheem

After a long time, Rob made his come back. He has started his Youtube Channel ‘Mad Stuff With Rob’.

His channel has gained over 1.6 million subscribers in a very short span. He is also collaborating with Disney to launch his show on their platform.

He uploads two videos every week on Wednesday and Friday. You can catch his new videos sharply at 5 pm.

He is also working with sony music kids. His partnership with different media houses can lead to the revivalism of the show M.A.D. You can also participate in his channel.

Just create art and record the video horizontally. And share that with Rob. He will feature the best video on his channel.

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