Sadak 2 Movie Review And Film Summary

sadak 2 Review

Sadak 2 starring Alia Bhatt, and Aditya Roy Kapur is a drama-thriller film. The movie got its direction and production from Mahesh Bhatt. Sadak 2 is released under the banner of Vishesh Flims. The movie is a sequel to the original Sadak movie released in 1991. The movie is starring prequels leads Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt. Sadak 2 also celebrates Mahesh Butt’s directorial debut after 20 years. The film starts exactly where the previous version was left, The plot revolves around the life of a young girl, And how she keeps the protagonist alive during the whole movie. 

Sadak 2 Cast 
  • Priyanka Bose as Nandini Desai
  • Alia Bhatt as Aaraya Desai 
  • Pooja Bhatt as Pooja
  • Sanjay Dutt as Ravi Verma
  • Jishu Sengupta as Yogesh Desai
  • Aditya Roy Kapoor as Vishal / Munna Chauhan
  • Makrand Deshpande as Guruji Gyan Prakash

Sadak 2 Film Summary

sadak 2 Film Summary

Sadak 2 is similar to its previous part, In which, Sanjay Dutt finds redemption to forget his tragic past. In the movie, Sanjay Dutt helps a woman in prostitution, To get out of there. But to do so, He must face many difficulties. Similar, to the prequel. Sadak 2 also starts off with a similar story. Aarya Desai (Alia Bhatt) takes on to herself to expose Gyan Prakash a self-proclaimed godman.

She also thinks that Gyan Prakash is responsible for the death of her mother. Her stepmother Nandini is not very kneen about her ideas, And she with Gyan Prakash goons take Aarya to the asylum. She manages to escape from the Asylum. Ravi (Aditya Roy Kapur) is an owner of Tours and Travel business. He often gets flashbacks and hallucinations about her wife Pooja who is dead.

Ravi wants to commit suicide due to such thoughts. Aarya after running off from the asylum stops the taxi of Ravi and asks him to take her to Kailash mountains. Ravi, First though of ignoring, But after hearing her story he agrees. Vishal boyfriend of Arya joins both in the taxi, To expose Gyan Prakash. 

Sadak 2 Review 

sadak 2 Review

Aarya Desai starts a campaign against ‘India Fights Fake Gurus’, While her Family, Spelled and Influenced under the godman Guruji Gyan Prakash like The Sultan of Agrabah. Sadak 2 starts quite greatly the initial storytelling is being aligned exactly and correctly. But, The stars don’t stay balanced, And the movie starts to fall apart.

Overusing the same thriller will jeopardize the whole movie, Exactly what happens with Sadak 2. The movie is predictable and full of pure over-acting. Putting it straight the movie is on the wrong Sadak, It should not have released in 2020. Mahesh Bhatt is a brilliant film director, And his debut should not have been like this. Although, Pushpdeep Bhardwaj is the only person, Did a fabulous job of writing.

The movie has humor that you’ll enjoy in 2020, And Yes, The dialogue part of the movie is great. Sadak 2 will put you in many states, Emotional, Funny, and Boring. Alia Bhatt has done some great acting; But for this one, She has left space for criticism. I hope that Mahesh Bhatt will make a brilliant movie with the talented actress Alia, But Sadak 2 is not a brilliant movie. If you are bored and have nothing to watch you can give it a shot, If not, You should avoid this Sadak completely. 

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