Serious Men Film Summary And Movie Review

Serious Man Review

Serious Men is a Netflix original movie. The movie got its initial release on 2 October 2020. Serious Men is an adaptation of a book from the same name. Manu Joseph the author of the book is well-know for his take on societal issues and discrimination through his writing in Open magazine. The film got its direction from Sudhir Mishra, Who also directed movies like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and Daas Dev. The film follows the life of a man tormented by opportunities at his young age, Wants his child to be famous. But to do so, He takes the wrong way. 

  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ayyan
  • Indira Tiwari as Oja Mani
  • Aakshath Das as Adi Mani
  • Nassar as Dr. Acharya
  • Sanjay Narvekar as Keshav Dhavre

Serious Men Film Summary

Serious Man Film Review

The story kick-off with Nawazuddin Siddiqui explaining, How life is worthless. He speaks the story of himself, Being deprived of basic needs and suppressed in the caste hierarchy. Mentioning his father, He told me that he died when he mistakenly boarded a first-class train. And when he realizes he was surrounded by brahmins. He died of a heart attack. Nawazuddin refers himself as 2g, And generation of this kid as 4g.

He emphasized how able to not do anything in life, You must do a lot before. While he did not have the opportunity to himself. He took on a mission to make his kid’s life worthwhile. Adi who poses as a brilliant student to the world, In fact, is just another kid. Ayyan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) uses a Bluetooth device to communicate with his kid, And tell him answers to many questions. Adi got very popular; And attracted much attention some good and some bad. Ayyan has to juggle his personal life with Adi’s career. 

Serious Men Review

Serious Man Review

Some people live their life, Of how they get served. And some, how they want to live. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has played beautifully the concept of Nihilism. He believes strongly, That there are two people Smart and Slow.

Smart is the people who choose their own way; And dig themselves out of their luck. And the other who leave for the gods. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the star of this movie. He portrays his role as a genius, While much of the attention was on him.

You can’t neglect the performance of Aakshath Das, He has done the heavy lifting for the movie. The movie touches many issues just for a little while that it won’t make any controversy, But will start a mental conversation in your mind. From the Brahmins and Dalit issue; To Christian Missionary.

The film is not a comedy movie, But you’ll find moments of laughter. The realism of the movie might discomfort some people, But the accuracy of those facts are still. The stunning portrayal of a middle-class man to his aspirational journey, Will ask many questions in between.

Serious Men like the title is not your typical Friday watch, The movie is about issues that are most likely to get buried in newspapers and discussions. The great thing about Nawazuddin Siddiqui is his style remains the same no matter, While stars keep their physical body intact and change their style quite often. He fits himself in any movie just with his acting ability.

Sudhir Mishra has done a wonderful job of getting all the pieces in place, His direction of portraying sky scrappers in the middle of slums shows the inequality of the country. Serious Men is an amazing movie, And definitely recommendable. 

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