Top 10 Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime

Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has one of the biggest catalogs of different genre movies. For this article, We’ll explore Top 10 Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime. These movies will provide you with great stories and erotic action. 

1. American Beauty

Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime

American Beauty is one of the sexiest movies in Hollywood. The movie got its release in 1999. And since then the movie is one of the favorites for all types of generation. It’s a story about a man; Who has a good job and life. But he is not satisfied with his life and wants to do things that young people do. 

2. Body of Evidence 

Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence is not a super hit movie. Though the movie has a good budget. But the film is full of erotic scenes. The movie revolves around a murder case. A woman is charged with a murder case for killing his lover for his wealth. And she hired a lawyer. But the lawyer also has doubts about her.

3. The Graduate

The Graduate

The Graduate is a 1967 comedy-drama movie. It shares a story about a man, Who makes seductive affairs with his father’s business partner wife. But along loving her. He also falls in love with her daughter. The movie takes on the classic filming and shows how he juggles both his life.

4. The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon is a story about a teen girl Jesse. At the age of 16, she decided to move to Los Angles. After reaching LA, She looks for an agency. And the head of the agency; takes advantage of her beauty and innocence. Now she has stuck with foxes in a city of dreams.

5. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

Dan Gallagher a successful lawyer. Fall in love with her colleague and get into an extra-marital affair. After some time he gets so obsessed with her lover. That he decided to sabotage her married life. It’s a story about how he made his way through her lover.

6. Gia 


Gia is a model that arrives in new york. After just some time of her arrival, She meets with cooper. Cooper is the head of the modeling industry and an amazing agent. with her help, Gia made it into the top industry. But after cooper death due to lung cancer. Gia falls into drug addiction.

7. Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is one of the best Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime. It’s a story about a detective; Who is tasked with a job to solve a murder mystery. His initial finding was that the victim’s girlfriend is the killer. But everything changes when he falls in love with her. 

8. X+Y

Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime

X+Y is a story about a teenage math prodigy. He struggles to build s strong relationship with anyone. And finds himself mostly isolated alone. But at the International Mathematics Olympiad, He meets with another girl; That shares a similar story like him.

9. Disobedience


Disobedience is a very unique and erotic movie to watch. It’s a story about young women, That gets into depression after the death of his father. But she decides to go back to her orthodox community. And regain her position. She was outcast of that community when she was very young.

10. Nobody’s Watching 

Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime

Nobody’s Watching is a story about a successful actor. He leaves his career in Argentina to come to New York. But when lands into this city, He finds himself a completely different person. The movie is one of the best Sexy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime.

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