Tadap Review: A Pirated Copy Of Sairat, With Ullu’s Magical Twist.

Tadap Review

Tadap is an Indian web series produced under the Ullu digital banner. It is a drama based love story about a couple. Similar to that of Sairat. It was aired on their website on 6 December 2019. The web series has received an IMDB rating of 7, Which is quite impressive. Tadap focuses on a Melo-drama relationship, That goes through many ups and downs. The conflicting part of the web series, Is that Tadap looks like a plagiarised version of Dhadak. Fun fact, The movie is itself adopted by a regional movie, Sairat. 

Tadap Story

The web series is clearly targeting young audiences, In that effort, you’ll find many adult scenes. The story begins with few Indian ladettes, That are always for some fun. It shows the behind the door talks of girls in their teenage. The main character of the story, Female lead, Looks for love everywhere. She starts getting feeling for a mobile shop owner, A young lad. After some furious and sweet talk with him, She falls in love with the shop owner. But the devil is not revealed himself yet, Her family is from a different caste than the boy. And her family doesn’t want her daughter to be strangling with that person. 

Tadap Review

But! She is not accepting the decision of his family. The couple after some hard talks, Decided to leave their town and go to a new city. It was an amazing decision. Or at least what they thought. After the couple managed to settle down in a new city. His wife starts hitting with other men. She threw all the efforts that he put to pull both of them from that situation, In drainage. As the story progresses her husband, Is sensing something fishy. Their relationship starts growing bitter day by day. Until there is no relationship. 

The One Line Review –

Short Flim stretched to make a web series.  A lot of scenes are unnecessary, And they do not add anything to the web series. 

Tadap Review

I believe that every content should always be judged, By the quality and not with the budget. My reviews are genuine and have no bais. It was a quick disclaimer. Let’s start with the review, My flying points for this web series will go directly to the cameraperson. He has done some fabulous job. I did enjoy some random shots of nature and the city. Acting by both actor and actress, Was pathetic. It was very cringing to watch both of them make love. Because they look so uncomfortable, during the shooting. 

Tadap Review

I was quite stunned, With some turns, this web series has taken. If there is one thing, I can delete write off would be the dumb scenes, That has been added just for the sake of stretching the length of the web series. The other guy, Who was having an affair with the women. Has done good acting, I suppose he worked in a couple of serials. Kolkata city looks beautiful and that was a good thing about the web series, At least they added some value in the web series. Overall, It’s a cash cow, That looks for attracting young lad in India. 

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