The Farewell Review: A Emotional Roller Coaster

The Farewell

The Farewell is a comedy-drama movie. That got its Initial release on 12 July 2019. The movie is written and directed by Lulu Wang. It’s a movie that compares two culture east and west. And how they are different from each other. The Farewell is a light-hearted movie to watch. It’s a story about a young woman, Who is of Chinese origin. But lives in the united states. One fine day, Her family gets to know that her nanny has cancer. And she will be dead soon. Knowing this, Her family decides to visit china and say goodbye to her nanny.  

The Farewell Story

The Farewell is an emotionally moving flim. Wang has put all his dedication and devotion to make this a deeply touching movie. From the start only, You’ll have this thrilling anxiety that moves along with the film. The strong female presence in the movie, Is also a message wang has tried to put forward. After Awkwafina gets to knew about the condition of her nanny. She wants to put her blessing to her beloved nanny. But she can’t, Because in china and the eastern part of the world. People do not prefer to tell people if they are dying. 

But her family wants to leave their last wishes. So they decided to visit china anyway. But to hide the intention of their visit. They use a fake wedding, To tell her nanny last goodbyes. It’s a real crunch to see nanny, Being playful to her grandchildren. But deep down inside Awkwafina’s mind, she knows that her nanny will die soon. Wang showcases the eastern couples and their discussion through life. Different opinions and dealing with events very different from the west. Wang has beautifully expressed two cultures and throw different perspectives from both sides. Without being biased to any side. 

Movie Review

The Farewell is a movie to watch but also an experience to get. Even though we have seen a zillion of a movie about the same topic. This one truly hits the ball out of the park. Lulu Wang’s powerhouse movie is pack with emotions and drama. You won’t feel a single minute that the movie is missing from its storyline. The movie distributor is A24, And they have a reputation for good cinematic films. And Farewell is no exception the movie is filmed beautifully. If you are not Chinese, Then I’m sure you’ll watch this with subtitles. But even though you do not understand the wording you can feel them through text.

The Farewell Review

It’s based on a real story. About the writer’s own experience. When she visited china back in 2016 for the very same reason. It’s her way of portraying her experience in cinema. Even though she herself is Chinese, She faced a lot of culture shock and blockage. If you watch this movie then you’ll definitely love it. Because Wang has put her heart and soul into making this. And if you make it through the whole movie, You won’t stop yourself from thinking about the movie for the foreseen future. 

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