The One and Only Ivan Film Summary and Movie Review

the one and only ivan

The One and Only Ivan is an American Adventure/Fantasy Movie. The film got its initial release on 14 August 2020. One and Only Ivan got its direction from Thea Sharrock, Who also directed movies like Me Before You and The Hollow Crown. The screenplay for the movie is given by Mike White. One and Only Ivan gots its production from Walt Disney Pictures. The movie is based on the book of Katherine Applegate, For the same name. One and Only Ivan is starring Angelina Jolie, Sam Rockwell, and Bryan Cranston. The story revolves around a gorilla and an elephant, Who plans to escape captivity.

Movie Cast
  • Sam Rockwell as Ivan 
  • Bryan Cranston as Mack
  • Phillipa Soo as Thelma
  • Chaka Khan as Henrietta
  • Mike White as Frankie 
  • Ron Funches as Murphy
  • Angelina Jolie as Stella

The One and Only Ivan Film Summary 

the one and only ivan film Summary

The story starts in an American city. BigTop Mall is famous for different types of circus, And performance by animals. The Circus has many animals including Elephant, Hen, Rabbit, But the main attraction is a Gorilla name, Ivan. His performance is always in last; Because he is the headliner of the entire show. The Cirus was owned and managed by Mack, Who keeps all the animals trained to perform. Though, The animals don’t talk with humans. They do talk with each other in the cage.

Ivan after the performance goes back to his cage, And there he finds a stray dog, With whom he has conversations. Ivan tells him I’m not an angry beast, I don’t like doing things in the Circus. An Elephant named Stellar is the best friend of Ivan. And keeps Ivan motivated. For some reason, The audience for the show kept declining. Looking at this, Mack brings a new Headliner in the show, A baby elephant. After this, The audience starts to come back again, and shows start to be full. Stellar falls sick And asks Ivan to free all the animals including Baby Elephant from the cage. Ivan took onto himself, To free these animals. 

The One and Only Ivan Review

the one and only ivan Review

The One and Only Ivan story was already very popular thanks to the book. But Disney decided to take onto itself, To bring the story into life. The movie is a good family-friendly watch, With a profound message. The film captures your emotion. And takes you onto a journey of different perceptions.

The movie is a good adaptation of the book, But not perfect. Although, You’ll feel refreshed after watching the movie. The movie gives you a wholesome experience, And you can watch this with your kids. The animation of the film is amazing; gives you a surreal experience while watching the movie.

The movie is a plain story, It’s a kid movie in a nutshell. This means, For many adults, the movie might seem boring. It’s not like Aladdin or Lion King, And will not suit every watcher. The movie could be a little shorter, Cutting a few minutes would be a good thing. The One and Only Ivan looks like sunshine and flowers, And some people might not connect with the story.

If I have to summarize the movie, The film is a love movie, Love for Animals, Love for Nature. The movie does put a different perspective, That even when you love Animals and Have a good bond with them. You still do not have the right to keep them with you. This idea is quite different; Because many people around the globe have pets at their homes. The One and Only Ivan is a good movie and checks all the boxes, Except the PETA. 

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