The Turning movie review, release date, trailer and star cast

The Turning Movie Review

Here is a short review of the upcoming movie, “The Turning”.

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Director: Floria Sigismondi

Lead actors: Mackenzie Davis, Finn Wolfhard, Brooklynn Prince, and Joely Richardson

Release Date: 24th January 2020

The Turning Release date

As this is a horror movie based on 1898 horror novel, it is slated to be released on 24th January 2020.

The Turning Movie Review

About the Movie The turning

Based on the horror novel of the name “The Turn of the Screw” written by Henry James in 1898, there are many adaptations to this novel. Most of the adaptations were in the form of opera shows. But this is the first time, this will be adapted in the Hollywood movie version. Another interesting thing is that Steven Spielberg has been connected with this adaptation venture as executive producer.

Basically, this horror movie will be narrated on the perspectives of a governess appointed newly to govern two orphaned children Miles and Floria. Due to the sudden demise of their parents, the children were forced to stay with their uncle who is also not interested in taking their care. So he appoints a governess with strict instructions of no communications with him related to the children. But the governess starts finding some supernatural activity like the presence of spirits trying to possess the children’s body due to some unknown reason. Later it was revealed that the ghosts were the previous governess and another staff in that same mansion and they have a weakness in both the children.

Thus, the story will be revolving around the struggle of the new governess to save both the children from the hands of these evil spirits. But though she succeeds in saving Floria she became unable to save Miles from the ghosts. And in the end the ghosts disappear with the death of Miles. But the twist of the story remains on the truthfulness of this story. As in the end some of the questions remained unanswered as who killed the previous governess and the staff. And what is the reason behind the sudden death of Miles.

The Turning movie trailer

It is horrifying and interesting to watch the trailer. As this is an adaptation, most of the story is known. But there seems to be some change in the movie script as can be seen from the trailer.

The cast of movie The Turning

So the characters in this horror flick were donned by well-known actors. Like the character of the new governess, Kate will be reprised by Mackenzie Davis. While Finn Wolfhard and Brooklynn Prince will be the two children Miles and Flora. Then there is also Joely Richardson and Mark Huberman in pivotal characters. Also, there is Niall Greig Fulton as Peter quint and Denna Thomsen as Miss. Jessel. These two are ghost characters. Along with them, there is Barbara Marten as Mrs. Grouse who will be acting as a support system for Kate.

The Turning movie review

As it is an adapted version, it is tended to become a nice movie with a horror touch. From the trailer, it can be guessed that the horror element in this movie is at its peak. Also, the trials of  Kate to save both lives is heartwarming and nice to watch. So overall it is one of the best Hollywood movie scripts.

The Turning Movie Verdict

With the starting of the year 2020 along with the horror movie, this one seems to be best for the try. So let’s try how much you can withstand this horror element in the starting of 2020.

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