Tips to stay entertained while staying at home

stay entertained during lockdown

It seems such a tedious time to live in our houses. No nights outs, movies, you can’t even meet your friends. It ‘s very common to get bored and become frustrated. But there is something you can do Read this ‘Tips to stay entertained while staying at home‘. If you follow them you’ll even not notice the day passing through the lockdown. 


1. Give Break To Digital

 stay entertained at homeI know this sounds wild, And in these times of crisis. It would be like living under a rock to give up digital consumption. Many of the assumptions about giving up digital are just over-exaggerated and nothing else. But I’m not asking you to give up your digital life. I’m just saying you should take a moment of breath and get yourself a little break from the digital. If you live with your family play games with them. Like ludo, and if you have a big enough terrace you can even play cricket. Never miss a crisis, Use this time to revision your life. 


2. Reshuffle your music playlist

Enjoying your day with activities while at homeHow many times did you feel like you need to update your music playlist, Maybe a zillion time? Probably. It doesn’t matter, you can’t delegate this task even further. This is your chance to make that perfect playlist for your Morning Moments, and your Workout Sessions. Music makes us happy even when we are sad, And due to this catastrophe, we always hear the buzz of this evil virus. Keeping yourself away from this buzz would be to listen to music. Make sure you are also listening to some old music too, not like from the British Era, But the mid-2000s and after.  


3. Digital Declutter

things to do during lockdownAre you also seeing memory full notifications on your phone? That’s probably because your phone is loaded with Good Morning, and Good Night messages from Whatsapp. And you need to clear all junk that has been accumulated on your phone. From movies that you have watched to games that you don’t play. Delete everything. Trust me just doing this you’ll feel good inside you. And from digital declutter, I don’t mean only mobile. All devices including your PC need checks & balances every now and than. Once, you are done with all the declutter, Start filling them again with new movies & games that you like to play.  


4. Complete the games from the shelf

 stay entertained It’s been ages since you bought those games, They are just sitting on your shelf. This is the golden opportunity to finish them all. Because you’ll probably not get this much free time again. Games work as a stress buster, And it been proven by science. Here is the finding of Science Daily. This is one of the best ways to stay entertained during the lockdown. Because you’ll spend many joyous hours even without realizing it, And you’ll reach the brink of the lockdown even before you know.  


5. Make a movie & tv show todo lists

How to star entertained during lockdownOk, I know it’s annoying when your friends are talking about this new show, And you have no idea and you are just replying nodding through messages. I have been there and I know who it’s feel, But we have a solution for this. We can create a TODO list for movies to watch and also TV shows. Isn’t that amazing. Know whenever you hear about that amazing movie that adds that to your TODO list. If you need suggestions than you can start with the below list: Top Hollywood Movies to Watch During LockDown

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