Tombstone Rashomon Review: A Vivid Adaptation

Tombstone Rashomon Review

Tombstone Rashomon is an American mockumentary. The film is hatched at the time of the wild west. The movie is directed by Alex Cox. The makers have tried to portray the story in Japanese classic Rashomon. Also, keeping the historical perspectives. They have even added a bit of science fiction, In the movie, a time-traveling crew is gone on a past journey to interview, But they have missed it because of date delay. 

Cast & Crew 

Wyatt Earp (Adam Newberry)

Clanton (Benny Lee Kennedy)

Kate (Christine Doidge)

Doc Holliday (Eric Schumacher)

Ike Clanton (Benny Lee Kennedy)

Colonel Hafford (Richard Anderson) 

Johnny Behan (Jesse Lee Pacheco)

The Japanese Apatation 

Tombstone Rashomon Review

The movie is inspired by the Japanese classic Rashomon. Both stories have tried to show perceptive rather than a plain story. In the Original 1950 movie, We could see a very compelling story about three-man. Who are stuck in rain and storm, And now sharing there perceptive. Similar to that we could also see in this movie, A Sheriff, Barber, and a Cowboy sharing there perceptive. As I mentioned earlier the story is a mockumentary and made for fun. But the original movie was a psychological movie, That showed a lot of human dark side. Even after 75 years people still find the movie quite amusing. 

Tombstone Rashomon Story 

Tombstone Rashomon Review

On 27 October 1881, a time-traveling video crew arrived in Tombstone, AZ, to film the Gunfight at the OK corral. Realizing they were a day late, they set about interviewing the survivors. They started to understand different perceptive of the same story from various people. Different people in the movie have different opinions about the incident. While the time-traveling crew was not visible the whole time, we can assume that movie was shot with new cameras. The movie is about a story being told in many perspectives, there is no right or wrong side of history. Everything is just a perspective. 


Tombstone Rashomon Review 

If there is only one thing you can understand about the movie, that it was not made for the masses. Not many people would be inclined to know about a mockumentary, That is made in the wild west. It’s a self-produced movie, That means it doesn’t have the backing of big productions. But being less resourceful doesn’t give you the license to be less creative or bad. 

Is the movie bad? Maybe, Depends. If you are looking for some actions like Django Unchained, Then Yay it’s bad. but if you are looking for a story, merely a story, then it could be a good watch. If you have watched the movie Rashomon. Then you might just stick to the whole movie, Connecting the dots from the classic. In the original, we see a story, that is being told and listened by three peoples.

But in this, we are the only one listening to there perspective. The time-traveling crew is you, you are going to listen there perspective but from the standpoint of the film crew. It can get even complex. If we try to find some meaning or theories from the film itself. But let’s not go that way, It’s an independent movie and doesn’t hold anything for the general audience. But if you are inclined by the original classic you can see, How they have adapted the story.

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