Top 10 Best African American Movies

Best African American Movies

Black African Americans have been key in American history. But from the early days of filmmaking, The ethnic population has been negligible, In terms of contributing to the cinema. Because of the racial indifference between the majority of the European white population. But those differences faded out, After many activists from the community and outside come together. A very popular name from the civil rights movement is Martin Luther king. To celebrate this victory over racial indifference, I’ve brought you a list of Top 10 Best African American Movies. These are some of the best actors and filmmakers in the industry. 

1. Malcolm X

Malcom X giving speech

Malcolm X was a controversial figure. His ideas and thoughts do not align with the law of its time. Many people have different opinions about him. But whether you support him or not. You can’t ignore his legacy. From starting a racial pride moment to converting to Islam and then leading the Nation of Islam. His life revolved around struggles. 

2. Moonlight

Best African American Movies, Moonlight

Moonlight is a very dark movie to watch. Its a story about a young black boy. Chiron finds himself into the guidance of a drug dealer, Juan. He grew in Miami and learned many lessons from him. Now that he is on the street, He is using Juan’s advice. 

3. Love & Basketball

Love & BasketBall Poster Image

Love & Basketball is a wonderful story about ambition and admiration. Monica decided to move to the house of Quincy at the age of 11. And they both grew together playing basketball. Now that both are in love with each other, They find it hard to become the best player in the game. Because they both compete with each other. 

4. Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing is one of the Best African American Movies. It’s about a man and him getting into the job. But he can’t because he is black. And only an Italian can get the job. But the man is determined and will not change his mind, Because he wants to end the racism. 

5. Get Out

Get Out

Get Out is a Horror Thriller movie. Here, a black man has made a white girlfriend. And she took him to his parent’s house. But from the very beginning, things do not look right. In the back of his mind, everything seems strange, Especially people around the house. And his attention was real. Because there is something really fishy going on there.  

6. 12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave

If you want to learn about the Atlantic slave trade, Then this movie could be your go-to watch. 12 Years a Slave has been exceptionally made with great acting and story. It’s a story about how an African American has been promised freedom, But he got betrayed and was sold as a slave again. 

7. Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Django Unchained is one of the most popular Quentin Tarantino movies. His direction has given the movie a breathing space. It’s a story about a man, Who gets an opportunity. And he fires back on the oppressors. With bounty hunters, he set onto the journey to get her wife back. 

8. Coming to America

Coming to America

Coming to America is John Landis’s best creation. He has portrayed a story about an African prince, Who comes to America to find true love. A beautifully made movie with great acting performances from the cast. A must watch comedy-drama, And one of the top recommendations for Best African American Movies.  

9. New Jack City 

New Jack City is a story about taking down evil. In the movie, two brave cops, Decided that they will not tolerate any further crimes. In that effort, They decide to take down a dangerous crime lord. 

10. Juice


Juice is a crime thriller movie. It’s about a bunch of teenagers, That decides to rob a local store. In order, To showcase their dominance and prove their authority. But things didn’t go well, And in the chaos of heist, One teenager shoots the owner of the local store. 

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