Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch (2020)

Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch

War brings glory and pride to many, But also to many lots of pain. And if you are a fan of history and wars. The list of movies that I have made will bring pride, glory, and pain together. It would be a very challenging task to list down the best war movies. Because there are so many great. I have added the best war movies list, Not the best war list. So make sure that you consider that too, That being said, here is the list of Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch.

Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch

1. 1917

Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch

1917 is an oscar-winning film of 2019. The movie was shot with only a single take. So It has brought the best out of every character. It’s a story about a soldier, Who is required to send a message to a battalion. Before they attack the enemy. Because that can save 1600 men’s lives including his brother. 

2. Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is a movie that will change your perception of wars. It will teach you the lesson of how evil is not inside one person. And we all have it inside us. A story about an assassination, That is needed to be done. Because a colonel has betrayed his army men. 

3. Full Metal Jacket

Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch

Full Metal Jacket shares the reality from the army men’s point of view. It showcases how much mental strain one has to go through to make it into war. Because if you do not survive hard training you’ll die on the battlefield. This is a story about how men turn into disciplined warriors. 

4. Saving Private Ryan 

Saving Private Ryan is the mission of saving Ryan. Because his all brothers have died and his parents have requested the authority to get his son back. Now the army sent a small team to search and get back Ryan. It’s a story that teaches many lessons about life. 

5. Inglourious Basterds

Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch

Inglourious Basterds is brad’s one of the best performances. It’s a story about allied force men set onto a journey to kill all the nazi. They are wild in their killing; that why many nazis are afraid of them. Their only goal is to kill Hitler and destroy the Nazi party. 

6. Kingdom of heavens 

Crusades are one of the global changing events in our world history. It has changed many geopolitical situations in the world. And has impacted many billions of lives. If you want to take a closer look at the event, Then watch this amazing movie about crusades and war for Jerusalem. 

7. Platoon

Platoon is a story about an American army man. He sees the horror of war. When he was assigned to the Vietnam war. Fighting in the jungle, He makes decisions that change his life and perception forever.

8. Dunkirk

Dunkirk is a movie that makes you hold your breath. It will intensify every event in the movie. If you know anything about world war 2, You would probably know about the event when many million army men got strangle on an island. The British governments send the world’s largest private fleet to take back their army men. 

9. Troy

Top 10 Best War Movies To Watch

Troy is a mythical story about an invasion into the city through a trojan horse. But this story has been turned real by Hollywood directors. Troy is a beautifully made movie about the invasion. It showcases the legend of Achilles and Hector. 

10. Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is a movie you should watch and enjoy. The film was made in 1962 but still, you’ll find fans of this movie. It was so beautifully made that It consider one of the best silver screen movies of all time. And Its really hard to argue with that. 

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