Top 10 Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Are you looking for Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images?

Bollywood is a destination of Glamor. But there are moments that can turn disastrous. Facing embarrassing moments is common. But when it’s happening with a celebrity. The Oops moment makes a lot of buzzes. We have brought you a list of Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images. In this article, you’ll see some embarrassing moments. Bollywood actress faces an awkward situation for actions they can’t control. Some time their dressing is not appropriate. And other times they some action which makes the moment Oops. You can know about the Oops moment of Top Bollywood actress. Such as Alia Bhat, Deepika Padukone, and many others. 

Top 10 Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

1. Alia Bhatt Embarrassing Moment

Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Alia Bhat while coming out of her car face a very embarrassing moment. She unintentionally gave paparazzi a chance to make a headline. Alia was drunk in this situation and only knew about it when the image got lots of social shares. Alia is a very talented actress and moments like this won’t affect her much. In another image, we can see Varun Dhavan lifting Alia in her hand. The exciting moment quickly turned into an Oops one for Alia. Her acting performances are very much appreciable. Alia has learned a lot to deal with a situation like this. She may try to avoid such Oops moments in the future.

2. Deepika Padukone Oops Moment

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly one of the best actresses in Bollywood. But even the best sometimes face moments that they didn’t expect. In the first image, we can see while hugging to Amitabh Bachan. The cameraman captured an angle which may put embarrassment on the table. Another incident occurred when Deepika was cat walking. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous. But It can’t be said the same for the dress fitting. Because while her performance the dress may have loosened up. This causes a very big Oops moment for Deepika. Another Image showcase Deepika facing an Oops moment while representing India.

3. Gauhar Khan Dress Failure

Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Gauhar Khan is very active in modeling. She has done a lot of shows for her modeling career. During one such event, She faced one of the biggest Oops moment of her life. Gauhar Khan looks absolutely beautiful in her dress. Her Golden color Top and the Black color bottom is a very attractive combination. But little did she knows, That the discussion of the event won’t be about her dress and how good it is. But about the aftermath of her performance. Gauhar while cat walking notices something behind her. And quickly tried to cover it up. But the damage was done.

4. Kangana Ranaut Awkward Moment

Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Kangana Ranaut is the self-made actress of Bollywood. She is also been called the ‘Queen’ of Bollywood. But even the queen is not far away from occasional Oops moments. In the first image while posing for a show. Little she noticed the size of the dress from the back. The situation turned awkward for both audiences and for Kangana herself. In another image when she was attending an award show. Her sitting position inappropriately reveals something which brought quite a few attention. Awkward sitting is something Kangana does regularly. She faced another similar situation in the third image.

5. Kareena Kapoor Khan Oops Moment

Kareena Kapor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the ‘Bebo’ of Bollywood. She has attended numerous awards and promotional shows. While she was posing for one such Image. Kareena unintendedly reveals something that made it a big Oops moment. She looks gorgeous in her blue dress. But the embarrassing moment does not seem happy about It. And she faced an Oops moment while sitting in an awkward position. The third Image is quite old but still one of the biggest Oops moment of Kareen’s life. She seems to be drunk in the image. And the other hand making uncomfortable moves with her. This is possibly unintended but very embarrassing.

6. Katrina Kaif

Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Katrina Kaif is a big name in the Bollywood industry. She has worked in many movies in her career. That’s why her live performances are worth to watch. During such a live event she put way more effort into her dancing. She notices nothing when she was in action. But sure later would have felt like an Oops moment. Another one came from her cycling video. Here we can see Katrina making efforts that are putting her in very uncomfortable situations. Another viral image of her is in a night club. Katrina was drunk in this image and was dragged into an Oops moment.

7. Parinieeti Chopra Dress 

Parineeti Chopra

Parinieeti Chopra is a great actor and singer. Her movies are an absolute pleasure to watch. If you like a good performance than sure you would like Parinieeti. In the first image, we can see her in a gorgeous red dress. Although the transparency of the dress is what makes this an Oops moment for her. Parineeti while attending a show was wearing a beautiful pitch-black dress. Everything was good about the dress except for its height. The situation may have got very awkward for her. In one similar event, we can see Parinieeti sitting very uncomfortably in an awkward position.

8. Shamita Shetty Awkward Moment

Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Shamita Shetty is a very talented actress. She has worked in many Bollywood movies. Her performance is highly appreciated. But being picky with dresses bring their own disadvantage. Shamita in an event wore a beautiful black dress. But her sitting position was to not appropriate or doesn’t resemble the outfit style. This image made Shamita very embarrassing and also a big Oops moment for her. In another image, the dress seems quite tight. And it’s making a very awkward situation. It happened one more time. But this time because of her dress transparency that has a lot of Opacity.

9. Shraddha Kapoor Transparent Dress

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor is a very talented actress. She has worked in many Bollywood movies. But you know even the successful can’t stay away from Oops moments. In the first image, we can see that shraddha is wearing a dress. That seems quite tight for her body. The image is certainly very awkward for Shraddha. In another image, we can see that shraddha wearing a transparent dress. That Reveals some things which she doesn’t want to be open. In the last image, it’s a very common mistake of sitting in this position. The camera is everywhere in big shows. And they have caught the image they were looking for.

10. Sonam Kapoor Oops Angle

Top Bollywood Actress Oops Moments with images

Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of actor Anil Kapoor. Her perfect body is something she has worked hard for. But sometimes the same gift can have some disadvantages. Sonam looks absolutely gorgeous in her black dress. Her dress also has a design that seems quite heavy. But is adding a lot of weight to her appearance. While she was posing for her dress shoot. Camera’s notice an Oops angle of her posing. From the side of her dress, she is unintentionally revealing some really private things. This incident is one of the Biggest Oops moment for Sonam Kapoor.

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