Top 10 Bollywood movies controversies

Top 10 Bollywood movies controversies

Movies have always been part of our society. They influence our minds and shape our perception. Having these powers movies can play a big role in our society. That’s why Many individuals and institutions fear of its power. Indian films are very much affected by this authority rage. Even in a democracy, many movies get banned. Or face mass scale backlash and anger. The open-mindedness in Indian cinema, Is a road still far away. But don’t worry if you have missed any banned movie or drama. We bring you a list of Top 10 Bollywood movies controversies.

List of Top 10 Bollywood movies controversies

1. Padmaavat 

Top Bollywood movies controversies

The historical drama film turned disastrous for Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His ambitious project of portraying medieval India. Was severely challenged by right-wing groups. The context of the movie is adopted from the ancient poem. That tells a story about conquering and sacrifice. There were many elements in the movie that are seen as unsuitable to conservative people. Their claim was that the historical accuracy of the movie was not on-point. They demanded that the movie shall not be released in India. Right-wing groups went as far as targeting actress and director with death threats and bounty. Even with such backlash the movie finally got released. Due to the court intervention.

2. Black Friday

Anurag-Kashyap-Top Bollywood-movies-controversies

Anurag Kashyap is well-known for his love for crime-thriller movies. His Black Friday movie was another masterpiece. Just after the completion of the movie. Kashyap faced many difficulties. To get his movie rated from the censor board. With many failed efforts to release his movie. He took the matter in the court, the court put a temporary prohibition on the movie till the trial ends. After 3 long years of legal battle, He managed to put his work in front of the big screen. The movie was widely acclaimed by media houses across India and internationally. The movie remains one of the best works of Kashyap to date.

3. Kissa Kursi Ka

Top Bollywood movies controversies

Kissa Kursi Ka is one of the most controversial movies of its time. After losing the significant trust of people, Mrs. Gandhi, Imposed Emergency in 1975. The movie got caught between the emergency regime. And could not make it through from the censor board of India. The movie got banned after it was revealed that Kissa Kursi Ka was a satirical movie. That talks about the political drama of Mrs. Ghandi and his son Sanjay. The loyalist of the Gandhi family confiscated all the tapes. Along with the original print. They then destroyed every evidence. That can lead to Mrs.Gandhi’s involvement.

4. Aandhi 


Aandhi was another movie that got caught due to the wrong timing. The movie was supposed to release in 1975. Never actually reach its audience. The director of the movie did clarify that Aandhi is pure fiction. And has nothing to do with the establishment. And the only wrong thing that happened was he took inspiration of looks from the prime minister, Mrs. Gandhi. Aandhi was a Political-drama movie that was under attack from loyalists of Gandhi family. Due to the portrayal of the lead actress in a bad light. That supposedly looks like Indra Gandhi. They attack screening and insisted on removing the scene’s in which lead actress is smoking and drinking.

5. Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love

Top Bollywood movies controversies

Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love would not be a popular name in India. But the movie made a lot of buzz around the globe. The copies of the movie are still for sale in foreign countries. Due to its popularity. But the movie was banned in India. Because the censor board of India didn’t find it suitable. For Indian audiences. The film got a decline because it has very vulgar content. From an “Indian point of view”. The rejection of the movie was very hypocritical. Copies of Kama Sutra’s book are available openly. In the Indian market. And also the practice of Kama Sutra originated in India.

6. Water


Water is another controversial from Deepa Mehta. The movie is the third part of Mehta’s trilogy films, Earth, Fire, Water. The movie looks into issues of rural India. Especially discrimination against widows sheltering in an ashram. Water was supposed to be filmed in Varanasi. To capture the true essence of the city. But with her previous track record. Many believe the movie will put India in a bad light. Deepa Mehta faced many warnings and death threats from right-wing fanatics. That eventually forced her to stop the shooting in India. The movie later got completed in Sri Lanka. With a different name.

7. India’s Daughter

Top Bollywood movies controversies

India’s Daughter is one of the most chilling documentaries. On the rape of 23-year-old Delhi Medical student. The documentary was part of the Storyville series. That is produced by the BBC and was directed by Leslee Udwin. India’s Daughter documented the horrific incident of gang rape. And expose the mentality of a rapist. The documentary has received many kudos from around the globe. For the efforts of bringing the issue in the mainstream. After the release of India’s Daughter in 2015, It was banned in India. The government reasoned that this documentary can disrupt harmony in the country. And create violence.   

8. Arakshan


Arakshan was the movie that looked inside. The politics of caste reservation. It was a special topic of discussion. The reason that many big names involved in the movie like Amitabh Bachan. The movie told the story of a teacher and his life. The teacher argues that reservation is the necessity. For a caste driven society. “Opportunities are unequally divided for centuries. And they have been deprived of their basic rights for years”. After widespread protests from parts of India. The director finally agreed to remove parts of the movie. Arakshan was prohibited in states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. In fear of riots.

9. Bandit queen

Top Bollywood movies controversies

Bandit queen movie faced controversy not only from the public. But from Phoolan Devi herself. The movie’s story is about a Dalit woman. Forced into marrying a man of her father’s age. Bandit queen shows, To fight all the odds. And became a dacoit and lead a gang in India. The movie shows the perspective of her becoming a victim of choosing crime. Shekhar Kaput the director of the movie. Faced many backlashes and criticizing. For adding excessive Anti-social elements. Another criticizing of the movie is that it normalizes crime. And other bad habits. Phulan Devi objectifies on the movie accuracy.

10. Fire


The fire was the first movie that gained Deepa Mehta a lot of eyes. This acclaimed movie got Mehta in the limelight. But not all attraction was positive. Fire is one of its first kind in Indian cinema. To explore the topic of homosexuality. The movie is the first part of her famous trilogy, Earth, Fire, Water. The fire got largely opposed to religious groups. And the screening of the movie was disrupted by protesters. The burning of the poster was a common way. To rage their anger on the director. Deepa Mehta took the correct way. And counter-protest in new Delhi against this violence.

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