Top 10 Hindi movies to watch on Netflix (2020)

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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms. They have conquered most of the countries. Because they focus on regional shows and movies. Not only you can watch a Spanish show, But also Japanese and even French. This versatility is the only thing, That keeps Netflix ahead of its competitor. Netflix India is no exception. They have some of the best Bollywood movies, and if you are looking for some good movies to watch during this lockdown. Then this Top 10 Hindi movies to watch on Netflix (2020) will be a great reference. 

Top 10 Hindi movies to watch on Netflix (2020)

1. Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh, However, controversial it may have been. It’s still popular, and Netflix has acquired the rights of the movie. So you can only watch on their streaming platform. Kabir Singh is a remake of a south Indian movie, But still, the story is very solid and on-point, Kabir Singh can be a good evening watch.  

2. Dangal

Dangal after getting applause from around the world, Is a very trendy movie to watch. A story about empowerment and breaking stereotypes. You can watch this amazing movie on Netflix. Even if you have already watched the movie, It’s still worth rewatching this amazing content. 

3. Padman

Top 10 Hindi movies to watch on Netflix

Padman is another movie about empowerment and stereotype breaking. A story about a man that took a social issue, And made it his life purpose. Even without having the luxury of education. He manages to create economical Pads for women.  

4. Lust Stories

Lust Stories is a Netflix original movie. It’s an accumulation of different stories, That surround the topic of lust. The movie is directed by 4 directors. Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee. They all have tried to present a different point of view. how does the modern relationship work? 

5. PK

PK is an Indian comedy movie. It’s a story about an alien, That has been left on the planet earth. And the only source of his communication machine. Is being stolen by a local thief. It’s now his responsibility to find the remote communication device back. If he wants to go back home. 

6. Chennai Express

Top 10 Hindi movies to watch on Netflix

Chennai Express is one of the biggest hits of Shahrukh khan. The movie was the highest-grossing of the year of release. The comedy movie is directed by Rohit Shetty. You can very easily watch the movie on Netflix in multiple languages. It’s a good watch for a weekend. 

7. Special 26

Top 10 Hindi movies to watch on Netflix

Special 26 is a movie based on a true story. The movie plot revolves around a fake CBI raid to get black money out from different wealthy individuals. Akshay acting is the main USP of the movie. If you are a fan of Neeraj Pandey movies, Then this one is one of his best. 

8. Andhadun 

Top 10 Hindi movies to watch on Netflix

Ayushmann has done an absolutely great job in the movie. It’s a story about a blind man, who pretends to be blind in front of others. He finds himself in a very stressful situation when he encounters a murder. Now, his little pretending has cost him a lot. 

9. Andaz Apna Apna 

Andaz Apna Apna is one of the best movies on Netflix. This was the first time when seeing both big actors, Salan, and amir together in a comedy movie. The punchline and jokes are truly hilarious in the movie. You won’t feel like the movie is quite old.  

10. Queen

Queen is Kangna Ranaut’s biggest hit. It’s a story about a woman, Who gets left after his fiance decided not to marry her. After getting upset, she goes for her honeymoon alone. She encounters many challenges. And fights them by getting out of her comfort zone. In this journey she rediscovered herself. 

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