Top 10 hot Bollywood actress Instagram

hot Bollywood actress

Bollywood is full of glamour. You can also add a little glamour to your feed with a hot Bollywood actress on Instagram. There is an immense number of the hot actress who regularly shares there pics on social media. We have listed the top Bollywood actress whom you can start following. 

1. Kangana Ranaut

 hot Bollywood actress

Kangana is also known as the QUEEN of Bollywood. She made her mark in the Bollywood industry with her brilliant acting skills. Kangana shares a lot of bold images of her on social media. She is very beautiful and talented and has performed in many big-budget movies and shows. 

Kangana’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

2. Katrina Kaif

 hot Bollywood actress

Undoubtedly her beauty has made herself one of the highest-paid actresses in all of Bollywood. You can have speculation about Katrina acting but can’t resist admiring her beauty.  She is the most popular name across India and South Asia. If you want to follow someone don’t double-think her. 

Katrina’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

3. Deepika Padukone

 hot Bollywood actress

Deepika is the highest paid Bollywood actress. Her career was skyrocket in beginning only thanks to her brilliant acting in Om Shanti Om. She is very fit and active on Instagram and regularly updates her social media accounts with new images of her. Tall and Beautiful the only thing I have to say. 

Deepika’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

4. Alia Bhatt

hot Bollywood actress

Alia looks a lot younger than her age although she made her debut at the age of 18 in the student of the year. She has diversified her acting and made significant improvements since then. Alia also shares a lot of her day-to-day life on Instagram. She has also started her own youtube channel and till now she has gained more than a million subscribers. 

Alia’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

5. Priyanka Chopra

hot Bollywood actress

Priyanka Chopra the desi girl who recently married nick Jonas. She has a lot of followers of almost 46 million on Instagram. Priyanka has won Miss World 2000 along with a lot of beauty pageants. If you are looking to add some glamour on your Instagram then go now follow Priyanka Chopra. 

Priyanka’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

6. Sunny Leone

hot Bollywood actress

Sunny started her career in adult films but later transited herself in Bollywood. Her story is quite an immersive one. Along from, acting in Bollywood she also hosts TV shows like splitsville. She is gorgeous and smart and exactly the one whom you should follow. Sunny is very popular for her social media uploads.

Sunny’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

7. Shraddha Kapoor

hot Bollywood actress

Shraddha Kapoor is a very calm and smart actress. She is performing in the Hindi cinema for quite a few years. Shraddha is the daughter of the famous actor, Shakti Kapoor. She considered herself a fitness freak and maintain her perfect body. If you are looking for a health motivation scroll down a few of her pictures on Instagram.  

Shraddha’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

8. Sonam Kapoor 

hot Bollywood actress

The daughter of the famous actor Anil Kapoor, Sonam is a very talented and beautiful actress. She has been awarded a number of national Filmfare awards. Sonam has made her appearance on Forbes’s most popular people list. She has a perfect body for fitting in multiple frames of movies. 

Sonam’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

9. Jacqueline Fernandez

hot Bollywood actress

Jacqueline is a Sri Lankan actress. She is the 2006 Miss Universe of Sri Lanka. Her debut in Bollywood was not big. But she made her name with acting skills and hard work. She is very gorgeous and talented and very active on social media. If you are looking for glamour don’t miss on her. Jacqueline is one of the hot Bollywood actresses.

Jacqueline’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

10. Anushka Sharma

hot Bollywood actress

Anuska Sharma is a very elegant and classic actor. She has taken roles which many avoid due to the possibility of failing. Anushka is a very bold and talented actress. She has been listed as Forbes 30 under 30. Anuska is an actress you must follow on Instagram. Her Instagram feed is full of content.

Anushka’s Instagram Profile: Visit here

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