Top 10 Hot Wives of Bollywood Stars 

Hot wives of Bollywood Stars

Do you know about Top 10 Hot Wives of Bollywood Stars? Bollywood stars are always under the eyes of paparazzi. They cover their life from day till night. From their gyming videos to their late-night parties. But in this glamour Bollywood. 

Many times wives of Bollywood Stars fade out. Sometimes they do it intentionally to save themselves from the flashlights. But Sometimes they get overshadowed by the elephant in the room, their husbands. But the true fans of Bollywood stars are always curious. To know more about their favorite stars. We have created a list of Top 10 Hot Wives of Bollywood Stars. So you can eradicate your curiosity from this article. 

List of Top 10 Hot Wives of Bollywood Stars 

1. Aishwariya Rai

Hot wives of Bollywood Stars

Aishwarya Rai has also been surrounded by controversies. For her relationship. From Vivek Oberoi to Salman khan. Aishwarya’s relationship with Salman seems a perfect fit. Aishwarya first falls in love with Salman. While the shooting of the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999). But the future has kept something else for her. Aishwarya after breaking-up with Salman. Look for a different relationship. Her interaction with Abhishek made Aishwarya fallen for him. Both couples reside happily since their marriage in the year 2007. Aishwarya and Abhishek have a beautiful daughter. She was lately in the news. When rumors suggest that she was suffering domestic violence. 

2. Mira Kapoor


Mira Kapoor and Shahid are poster couple of Bollywood. They look gorgeous together and their bond is very strong. Mira and Shahid married each other in 2015. They both were in love with each other for years. Both of their father in law also go along well with each other. Mira told to a reporter that she and Shahid share many similarities. But the biggest of them all is music. Both couples adore music very much in their relationship. Shahid and Mira both have two Children’s. A daughter and A son. Mira revealed that Shahid truly fell in love with her. During her pregnancy. 

3. Priya Runchal

Hot wives of Bollywood Stars

Priya Runchal is one of the hottest wives of Bollywood Star. John and Priya regularly go out together for good times. Their love story started in 2010. John is a gym lover and that’s no secret. Her true love will also be meeting him at the gym only. Priya and John have very comfortable chemistry that makes them a great couple. John was serious with Bipasha Basu. But their relationship was not working out. Their separation was a gateway for Priya and john’s love story. Long story short, Both couples are seen as committed to each other. 

4. Kajol 


Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s relationship is a story to tell. In today’s time when the relationship doesn’t last even for years. Ajaj and Kajol have been married for almost two decades. Kajol is always seen as the perfect partner for SRK. But they both were committed to others. Kajol and Ajay’s story begins in 1995 during the shoot of the movie Hulchul. But the first impression of both was not the most pleasant one. Both the couple were far from even considering each other. But their story through the years got aromatized. Today the couple is one of the most beautiful in Bollywood. 

5. Avantika Malik

Hot wives of Bollywood Stars

Avantika and Imran have a long history. Both couples were dating each other from the age of 19. They both shared an apartment together when Imran was pursuing his acting classes. Imran was truly in love with Avantika. And he played with his career to marry her early in his life. He got his inspiration for marriage from the Bollywood king SRK. Imran planned a grand proposal for Avantika. The marriage of both couples was truly grand and reflect a Bollywood feel. He proposed her in a very filmy way. Both couples are living happily in the united states. And they also had a little daughter. 

6. Parveen Shahani

Parveen Shahani

Emraan Hashmi has always been a loving man. Parveen and he are a perfect couple to look upon. Parveen revealed that Emraan is opposite from his perspective build up from his movies. He is a very charming and loving father. Parveen loves Emraan songs and she listens to them often. It may be one of the reasons behind their close bonding. The loving guy of Bollywood is truly a Casanova. When he decided that he will spend the rest of his life with the girl he loved. He meant it. Their relationship brews deeper when Emraan was struggling in his career. 

7. Deepika Padukone


Deepika and Ranveer’s story didn’t come as a total surprise. But till the last moment, there was insecurity that it may not end well. Because we have seen many relationships that don’t convert into a life long marriage. But in 2018, All the speculations were ended and they finally announced their marriage. Sanjay Leela Bansali for sure makes movie couples into real-life relationships. It was close to Aishwarya. And a life long relationship with Ranveer and Deepika. Pictures of both couples circulated all across the internet. And both couples got showered with blessings from around the globe for a healthy relationship. 

8. Gauri Khan


Gauri and SRk have been the inspirational couple everyone looks for. Their marriage has completed more than 30 years without any rough fight. Both couples are admired and cherries by Bollywood fans.  The khan family always is a center of attention on social media for discussion. Their relationship is truly a depth and.simplifed one. SRK first dated Gauri when she was 14 years old. In one of his interviews, Khan mentions that he used to meet Gauri in Delhi’s Panchshila Club. SRK has always been a ladies man, he persuades Gauri to go on a date with him. From there they never look back. 

9. Twinkle Khanna

Hot wives of Bollywood Stars

Twinkle and Akshay have been a perfect couple for ages. Akshay is a self-made man who built his career from scratch. But Akshay is more than a disciplined man. His charming personality reflects even on off-screen. Akshay is a loving father and a charming husband. Akshay started his career with small roles in movies like Aaj. And made his name through his young man Khiladi’s look. Twinkle khana debuted with her first movie Barsaat. They both meet the first time in a Magzine show. Akshay got a crush on Twinkle from the first interaction they had. That bonding grew to date and eventually to marriage. 

10. Kareena Kapoor

Hot wives of Bollywood Stars

The Nawab couple is one of the most admired in Bollywood. Kareena is one of the biggest Bollywood stars and performed in many big-budget movies. Saif Ali Khan is a prince of Pataudi. He has a long experience in Bollywood and has worked with many actresses. In one such movie Tashan, Saif falls in love with Kareena. It was not a love at first sight. But definitely the starting point of something big.  After their relationship grew stronger saif decided to create a tattoo of Kareena Kapoor. And after being in a relationship with each other for a couple of years. They finally married in the year 2012.

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