Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch (2020)

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch

Irrfan Khan was one of the best actors in the world. He has made himself a name not just in Bollywood, But also in Hollywood. His acting performance has made him many millions of followers. And if you are one of them, Then this article will be special for you. Because we bring you a list of Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch. These movies are some of his best work. And have been highly rated on different websites. 

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch (2020)

1. Paan Singh Tomar

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch

Paan Singh Tomar has redefined the art of portraying a villain. But In this case, he is not a villain. From an abstract view, he might look like bad men but he has done some really good job. It’s a story about an Indian athlete, Who won a gold medal for 7 times. And he joined dacoit when a tragic incident happens with him.  

2. The Lunchbox

The LunchBox

This was the official nomination of India for Oscars. The Lunchbox is a soothing movie, With many emotions. It’s slow and short. Irrfan Khan’s portrayal of the character has made it real. You will get involved in the story very quickly. As you won’t going to leave your couch till the movie ends

3. Talvar

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch

It’s intense and very serious. The movie that will not leave your mind even after it’s ending. Because you’ll keep thinking about the movie and the acting performance of the characters. A story of a murder that turns ugly for the parents when they get to be the prime suspect of the homicide. 

4. Hindi Medium

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch

Hindi Medium a sweet and simple comedy movie. The backdrop of the movie is that a wealthy couple wants her kid to get admission in a good school. But due to the mass competition. They try to sneak their kid with a Quota system. And to make it all real they decide to start living like poor. 

5. Haider

Haider is truly a movie not to miss. Irrfan Khan acting in this film will leave you with surprise. It’s energetic and very interesting to watch. The performance of all actors is just marvelous. If there is a simple note to leave for this movie; Just watch it. 

6. Life of Pi

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch

Life of Pi is based on the popular novel of 2001. The movie has done some great work not artistically. But also warning people about nature. It’s crucial that we live with harmony and involve nature in our life. A story about a boy surviving a Bengal tiger. 

7. Madaari


Madaari is a story about man, Who took onto himself to revenge his personal loss. After a tragic incident where he lost his family. Due to the mismanagement of the government. He decided to kidnap the son of the home minister. And he was able to successfully do so, Now his next challenge is to make the government realize their mistake 

8. Angrezi Medium 

Angrezi Medium

Angrezi Medium is the last movie of Irrfan Khan. And he has made this move with love and hard work. He told in the video clip, He kept his shooting going even when he was suffering from life-threatening diseases. His dedication has truly reflected in this movie, And It’s a must-watch. 

9. Karwaan

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch

Karwaan is a comedy-drama movie. It’s also heartwarming in sense. Because you will feel a connection with the movie. If you have ever done a road trip, Then you will enjoy this movie very well. Even if you haven’t still you will love this movie. 

10. Slumdog Millionaire

Top 10 Irrfan Khan Movies To Watch

Slumdog Millionaire is the most popular global movie about India. It’s a story about a kid that lives in a slum in Mumbai. And has won “Who will be a Millionaire”, Ater Being a questioned about how he knows all the answers, He revisits his past. Irrfan Khan is playing the role of an inspector in the movie. 

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