Top 15 Beautiful and Hot Marathi Actress

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Maratha, the land of warriors also has given birth to beautiful actresses. Along with their beauty, their acting skills also helped these actresses to reach the heights of the sky.

Let us see some of the top 15 beautiful and hot Marathi actresses:

1. Tejashri Pradhan

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One of the renowned names in the Marathi film industry, Tejashri Pradhan is a beautiful actress in the Marathi community. She has successfully acted in many films and tv serials. Also, she is best known for her movie in Ti Sadhya Kay Karte. Even she has performed in Marathi theatres.

2. Shruti Marathe

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Another beauty with acting skills, Shruti Marathe is well known among Marathi audiences. Her best works were observed in Marathi films and also in Tamil films. Also, her first Marathi movie was produced by Shreyas Talpade.

3. Urmila Kanetkar

Urmila Kanetkar Top Most Beautiful Marathi Actresses

Another hit actress is Urmila Kanetkar. She has acted mostly in Marathi movies and television series. Due to her acting skills and beauty, she has become a household name in the Marathi community.

4. Tejaswini Pandit

tejaswini pandit marathi actress

Just like the previous actresses, Tejaswini Pandit also became a well-known name in the Marathi film industry. This is complete because of her hard work and acting skills along with her beauty. So she is also one of the 15 actresses who are considered beautiful and most hot among the others.

5. Priya Bapat

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Having won the Best Actress award from Star Screen in 2013, Priya Bapat has become a well-known personality in Marathi films. Even she has done some Tamil movies. But mostly her Marathi works like Kaksparsh, Happy Journey and Aamhi Doghi like movies got highly appraisals from the audience leading to her success. So she is one of the top 15 beautiful and hot Marathi actress.

6. Sonalee Kulkarni

Sonalee Kulkarni marathi actress

Sonalee Kulkarni has the charm within her. As she started her career with modeling assignments, she reached this height after lots of tribulations.  Even she got chances to do films in Bollywood due to her acting skills. So she is one of the top 15 beautiful and hot Marathi actress.

7. Sai Tamhankar

Another well-known name in the Hindi and Marathi film industry. She has also started her career from Tele-series and now she has acted in most of the hit Marathi movies. So she is also one among the 15 top actresses beautiful and hot actress in Marathi industry.

8. Ketaki Mategaonkar

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Another well-known name in the Marathi film industry. This beautiful actress has acted in most of the hit Marathi films and garnered high appraisals from the audience. Thus she is also in the top 15 list of beautiful and hot Marathi actresses.

9. Radhika Apte


The rising name in the worldwide cinema, Apte’s acting has got an appraisal from all over the world. Even she has the capacity to bring Marathi films at the forefront of international media. Though her mainstream of acting is in Marathi films and theatres, she had spread her acting skills from Bengal to Maharashtra and also to Tamil Nadu to Kashmir. Thus she is becoming an epitome of bold characters.


10. Mukta Barve


She is also one of the beautiful actresses of Maratha origin. She has acted in Marathi movies and became one of the hot actresses in the Marathi language.


11. Neha Pendse

Not only in Marathi, but Neha Pendse is also an acclaimed actress in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam movies. But her career started with Teleseries in the Marathi channel of the Zee group. From there, she had no turning point and attained success. Now she has become one of the top 15 beautiful and hot Marathi actresses in the Marathi film fraternity.

12. Madhavi Nimkar

beautiful and hot marathi actress

Just like the previous names, Madhavi Nimkar also got chances in Marathi movies due to her acting ability and beauty.

13. Shraddha Kapoor


Being the daughter of Shakti Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor got her acting skills from her father. As Shakti Kapoor is itself a renowned name in Marathi as well as Hindi movies so became his daughter. Even Shraddha has started acting in south Indian movies.

14. Manava Naik


After acting in Hindi tv serials like special squad, Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Manava Naik got a chance to work in the “Jodha Akbar” movie. After this movie, there is no turning point in the life of Manava Naik, she got nice roles in Marathi film industry. Even she is continuing theatres. So she is also on this list.

15. Ankita Lokhande


Last but not least, the favorites of all “Archana” played by gorgeous Ankita Lokhande is also a Maratha beauty. With the portrayal of the silent, obedient, dutiful character of Archana, Ankita

So these are some of the Marathi beauties who had made their place in the hearts of audiences.

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