Top 25 Forgotten Not Popular Bollywood Actress

forgotten bollywood actress

We have seen many actresses who have gone into the unknown world after a quick appearance in Bollywood movies. These Forgotten Not popular Bollywood actress is/are away from everyone’s mind due to the face that they are not into acting or movies from lone time.

Mumbai is the dream city for those who want to make big on the silver screen. But alas! luck does not favor everyone. Very few people could taste the sweetness of success after lots and lots of hard work. And some get the chance but their lights fade away just like falling stars.

Let’s see a list of some 25 Forgotten actresses who tried their luck in Bollywood but failed to keep their foot steady and missed the ship.

1. Antara Mali

antara mali Not popular bollywood actress

Last seen in the movie “Mr. Ya Mrs.”, Antara Mali had a failed box office career in the Mumbai film industry. Though the plots of the movies she acted were good and different, it somehow failed to attract the audience. Anatara is rarely seen on public media platforms these days and is almost forgotten by the audience.

2. Tanisha Mukherji

tanishaa mukerji Not popular bollywood actress

Sister of Kajol and daughter of one of the great actresses of the golden era Tanuja, Tanisha failed to spread her magic on the silver screen. With the list of flop movies like “Neal n Nikki”, “Tango Charlie”, “Ssshh”, she bade farewell to the Bollywood and tried her luck in Tamil and Telugu film industry.

3. Sneha Ullal

sneha ullal Not popular bollywood actress

Introduced as a replica of Aishwarya Rai, Ullal did not garner many appraisals for her role in the “Lucky-No time for Love” movie. So then she shifted to Tollywood and has garnered nice roles there.

4. Masha Pour


Masha Pour Forgotten Not Popular

Just like the flop movies in which she acted, her name also got lost in the sand dunes. She acted in the movies “Patiala House” and “Bhouri” which came and went like a leaf in the box office.

5. Gayatri Joshi

Gayatri Joshi

Last seen in “Swades” movie, the silent and beautiful Gayatri though performed nicely in that movie, she did not get many roles after that. Then she got married in the Oberoi family and now leading a happy married life.

6. Minissha Lamba

Minissha Lamba - Forgotten actress

Another beautiful actress who made her debut with the movie “Yahaan”. Though the movie became a success in the box office, the career of Lamba did not start well. After this, she acted in “Bheja Fry 2”, “Honeymoon Travels”, “Kidnap” and some other films. Though some of her films got a nice opening in the box office, she failed to garner the deserved recognition and hence bade farewell to Bollywood.

7. Somy Ali

Somy Ali

A Pakistan born American actress, she failed to get success in the Bollywood even after working with superstars like Salman Khan, Sunil Shetty and others. Now she runs a NGO for rape victims.

Mayuri Kango

Mayuri Kango

Few people who have seen the movie “Papa Kehte Hain” would know her as the female lead of the movie. One of the beautiful actresses with beautiful eyes, Mayuri Kongo acted in a bunch of movies that scored average in the box office. But her career did not fly high and so she left the industry with some nice memoirs.

8. Anu Aggarwal

Anu Aggarwal

Best known for her role in “Aashiqui”, Anu Aggarwal left Bollywood after a near-fatal accident. Now she is a yoga teacher and powerlifter.

9. Kim Sharma

Kim Sharma

One of the chirpy new faces in the movie “Mohabbatein”, Kim Sharma got rarely any meaty roles after this movie.

10. Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra

By acting in some of the movies like “Apna Sapna Money Money”, “Musafir”, “Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena”, which did not fare well in the box office. Her acting career also saw the setting of the sun in 2010.

11. Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta

Even still being active on page 3 parties, Tanushree Dutta has not been getting any nice roles in Bollywood. So she has become a lost name in the Hindi film industry.

12. Preeti Janghiani

Preeti Janghiani

Another “Mohabbatein” debutante, she failed to create magic on the big screen.

13. Udita Goswami

Udita Goswami not so famous popular bollywood actresses

The bold and beautiful Udita Goswami acted in movies like “Aksar”, “Paap” and “Zeher”. But she remained active in Bollywood still 2012, after that she secluded from Bollywood.

14. Koel Purie

Koel Purie forgotten bollywood actresses

Another actress who acted along Tanushree Dutt in “Life Mein Kabhie Kabhie” did not garner many roles after that movie and faded in Bollywood.

15. Neha

Neha forgotten Not popular bollywood actress

Best known as “Kareeb” girl, she also got lost in the limelight after giving few successful stunts in movies like “Kareeb”, ” Hogi Pyaar ki jeet”, ” Rahul” etc.

16. Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia

She also got lost in the limelight after some success in movies like “Wanted”, “Dor”, “Socha Na Tha”. Mostly she acted like a meek girl or the girl next door like characters. So she also faced the limelight at the end of 2011.

17. Anjala Zaveri

Anjala Zaveri forgotten bollywood actress and not popular

Mostly seen as supporting actress or friend of heroin in the ’90s, Anjala was last seen onscreen in the year 2012.

18. Ihana Dhillon

Ihana Dhillon forgotten bollywood actresses

The Hate Story 4 actresses, just like the movie did not get much love from the Bollywood lovers.

19. Urvashi Sharma

Urvashi Sharma Not popular bollywood actress

Lastly seen in the year 2012 for the movie “Chakradhaar”, she is least known by the audience of Bollywood.

20. Aparna Bajpai

Aparna Bajpai Actress

A well-known name in Tamil and Malayalam film industry but still have to work hard to earn a name in Bollywood.

21. Amrita Arora

Being the younger sister of Malaika Arora, Amrita got some nice roles opposite to Fardeen Khan, Govinda, Sanjay Dutt, etc. But still, she became a lost name in Bollywood now as an actor.

22. Karishma Sharma

Karishma Sharma Not popular bollywood actress

Even after playing the bold role of Ragini in Ragini MMS movie, Karishma Sharma has to go a long way to achieve success in Bollywood.

23. Vega Tamotia

Vega Tamotia

Also a producer, she acted in Bollywood for the movie “Aamras: the sweet taste of friendship”. As the film failed to fly high so as the careers of lead actresses in this movie.

24. Natasha Bhardwaj

Natasha Bhardwaj

Another “Aamras: The sweet taste of friendship” actress, who failed to make recognition among the audiences.

25. Maanvi Gagroo

Maanvi Gagroo - Not popular bollywood actress

Similar to the previous two, she also acted in “Aamras” and then in “PK”, “No one killed Jessica” but failed to garner popularization among the audience.

These forgotten and Not popular Bollywood actress had a short term success or they got lost into their busy life pursuing something else other than movies.

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