Top Awards in Hollywood: That Defines A Good Movie

Top Awards in Hollywood

Awards are one way we express gratitude towards a filmmaker and an actor. It’s a way to express weather a movie qualify to be watched or not by the masses. It’s a criterion many director sets in their back of the mind, While making a film. Everyone who works hard wants to be appreciated for its work. And awards are the best way to see our favorite actor and actress gets, What they truly deserve. I have brought you a list of Top Awards in Hollywood, That is the standard for any good movies. And if you do not make it into them, Then the masses will not reach you. 

1. Academy Awards

Academy Awards

Academy Awards has a rich history of it’s past. The Award is one of the most prestigious in anywhere in the world. And only very few movies ever get the chances to be even nominated. The Academy Awards was first introduced by radio in 1930. And for the first time in history, It was televised in 1950. Since then It has been the talk of every family. More than 3,140 total Oscars have been awarded to different films till now. It’s started in 1929. Academy Awards stays on the Top Awards in Hollywood. Without any second thought. 

2. Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards is the second most popular awards in Hollywood. After Academy. The starting of this award was in the year 1944. Since then It has been recognizing great movies from Hollywood and Internationally. The award is given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. And the committee that manages it. Gloden Globe Awards have little less to a similar stature, If we compare it with the academy awards. It was started to create a new market for good movies other than the most prestigious awards. Golden Globe has been awarding many movies that are extremely good, But could not make through the oscar committee. 

3. Hollywood Film Awards

Hollywood Film Awards

Hollywood Film Awards as the name suggest awarding great movies from Hollywood. The award started in the year 1997. It was the first-time televised on CBS. They offer “Excellence in the art of cinema” awards to its movie. Hollywood Film Awards was started by Carlos de Abreu with Janice Pennington. They both manage to pull a grand awards ceremony in 1997. The first wards were given to Kirk Douglas. For Hollywood Lifetime Achievement Award. The second award was given to Graham Nash. Norman Jewison becomes the first one to win a Hollywood Outstanding Achievement in Directing Award.

4. Annie Award

Annie Award

Annie Award is one of the best honor you can get for a movie. It has been distributing awards from it’s Los angles branch of International Animated Film Association. Annie Award is given since 1972. Annie Award is one of the Hollywood most glamourous awards. You’ll see actors and actresses from all walks of film. The Awards are given every year to honor the stars of the movie, And appreciate their art. The good part about the Annie Award is you’ll not only see the popular faces. But also others, Such as supporting actor, Stuntman, Etc. It’s an award to honor everyone. 

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