Top Bollywood Movies to watch during lockdown in India

Top Bollywood Movies to watch during lockdown in India

I know it’s hard to get past this time. And we need external entertainment to keep ourselves from getting mad. I have made a list of Top Bollywood Movies to watch during the lockdown in India. We generally don’t see a lot of movies from Bollywood about a virus or for that matter any serious topics. But if you read this till the end, I have a surprise movie on this list. These movies that I have chosen are highly rated on many platforms including google reviews and IMDb. 

1. Hera Pheri 

Top Bollywood Movies to watch during lockdown in India

During this time of crisis, we need some light movies, To make us all laugh. And which movie could be better than Hera Pheri, Yes, None. That’s why I added this to the top of this list. All Priyadarshan movies are great and don’t need a second thought to start watching them. 

2. PK

PK is a story of an alien that has come to earth, But he has lost the communication device to a local thief. Now he is strangled on earth and wants to go back to his planet. His journey to return back is one of the most comedic and realistic. 

3. 3 IDIOTS – Top Bollywood Movies

Top Bollywood Movies to watch during lockdown in India

3 students met together in a college hostel. goes onto becoming one of each other best friends. Rancho the smartest of them all guides his friend about many things. And change the lives of his fellow friends. The story reflects the reality of engineering colleges in India. 

4. A Wednesday

A Wednesday is a story about the common man’s anger.  The movie was made in 2008; When Mumbai city was seeing a number of blasts periodically. This is the time when an older man decided that; He will kill the encapsulated terrorists. He makes fake calls to the police to make those terrorists free so that he can kill them.  

5. Dangal

Top Bollywood Movies to watch during lockdown in India

Dangal is India’s highest grossed movie. Thanks to China. Dangal movie made significant revenue in the foreign market. The movie revolves around a story of man, Who never won Olympic. however, he wanted his kids to win one. And the story is about the struggle, One has to face if she is a woman.  

6. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Top Bollywood Movies to watch during lockdown in India

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is one of the most iconic Bollywood movies. It still makes it to the television very weekend for some reason. SRK got his global fame from this movie only. Just watch this amazing movie and you’ll know why it’s being rated so highly. 

7. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a story about three friends that decided to take a vacation. All his friends decided to go on a trip to Spain. Because Kabir is going to get married soon, Moreover, These trips teach them a lot of life lessons and change their personality towards their life. 

There are not a lot of movies about the virus from Bollywood, However, in 2019 a Malayalam movie was released about the Nipah virus. The movie’s name is Virus (2019 film). If you don’t understand the language there are subtitles. So you are all set for enjoying your lockdown period. 

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