Top Funny Youtube Channels in India (2020)

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While a laugh is not going to do any harm, Why not fill our time with some comedy rather being surrounded with news all the time. Here is the list of Top Funny Youtube Channels in India. From Standup’s to Sketches to Gimmick. These channels will make you laugh to your fullest.  

1) Amit Bhadana 

Top Funny Youtube Channels in India

Amit Bhadana is one of the biggest Indian YouTubers. He has over 19 million subscribers on his youtube channel. He makes sketches that happen around our life. His content has got acknowledgment from big actors. If you visit his channel you’ll find over 69 videos only, That is very less video compare to his subscribers. 

2) BB ki Vines

BB ki Vines is an Indian Youtuber with over 16 million subscribers, On his youtube channel. The Channel is run by Bhuvan Bam. Who plays all the characters in his videos. His channel growth is one of the fastest for individual content creators. To date, he has over 161 videos on his channel. 

3) The Viral Fever

Top Funny Youtube Channels in India

The Viral Fever group is a production company. That is popular for making sketches and comedy videos. Lately, they have even started to make movies and even TV shows. Before this, they were popular for there online web series, Such as Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Kota Factory, etc. 

4) CarryMinati

CarryMinati is an Indian roaster, Who makes fun of other people’s content.  He points out the bad and funny content and reacts to them. Most of his audiences are young, So he uses a lot of swearing in his videos. CarryMinati has over 10 million subscribers on his youtube channel. And had over 167 videos. 

5) Tanmay Bhatt

Tanmay Bhatt is an Indian comedian and the founder of AIB. He has started his youtube channel, Where he uploads his commentary while playing the game, Or when reacting to a topic. His channel is seeing a vertical curve growth for the past few months. And you’ll find a lot of funny content from this channel. 

6) Slayy Point 

Top Funny Youtube Channels in India

Slayy Point is an Indian youtube channel, Having 1.5 million subscribers. They focus on making videos that are in trend and react to them. Their video are generally comedic and very fun to watch. Mostly their channel is focused on millennials, But even if your not one. You can still enjoy their smart humor. 

7) 2 Foreigners in Bollywood 

2 Foreigners in Bollywood is a channel that is run by two Swedish men and one Indian man. They make sketches for funny topics in India. Their channel has over 2.9 million subscribers on Youtube. With just 32 videos on their channel. Videos of their channel are very funny and always make it to the trending page. 

8) Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is an Indian standup comedian. He has over 5 million subscribers on his youtube channel. His content is watchable by almost all age groups. The content is funny and very addictive. If you are looking to spend some time on youtube then Zakir Khan has over 68 videos. Zakir Khan is one of the most Funny Youtube Channels in India 

9) Make Joke Of

Top Funny Youtube Channels in India

Make joke Of is an Indian animated comedy channel. He has over 8 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Make Joke Of focuses on random social topics, And his channel is quite popular across India. He makes comedy videos in animation form, So even if you are not a kid you can still watch them. 

10) Atul Khatri  

Atul Khatri is an Indian standup comedian. He makes videos for slightly older people. That doesn’t mean you won’t find his comedy funny if you are millennials. It’s just that he focuses more on topics that are not millennials’ interest in. Atul has over 300k subscribers on his youtube channel, And more than 60 videos to watch. 

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