Top Gross New Movies of 2020 Bollywood

Top Gross New Movies of 2020 Bollywood

In this article, I’ll share with you Top new movies of 2020 Bollywood. This year has been rough for the film industry.

Due to the massive lockdown that happened due to the Covid-19. But even though this year has taken a hit. We can reflect back on the top-grossing movies of this year.

I’m not going to include those that got its release via digital. Because it’s virtually impossible to evaluate how much business the movie brought to the OTT platform.

For this one, I have stick to those that have generated good revenue and were widely popular. Here is the list of Top new movies of 2020 Bollywood.

1. Tanhaji

Top Gross New Movies of 2020 Bollywood

Tanaji is the best new movie of 2020 Bollywood. The movie grossed over ₹367 crores. It is the only movie that was able to meet this kind of response.

No other film from 2020 is even near to the gross revenue of this movie. Tanaji is based on the warrior for the same name.

He is responsible to get back forts capture and under control of Mughal. Chatrapati Shivaji also mentions him on many occasions.

He was one of the most popular folks in Maharashtra storytelling. Ajaj Devgan has taken the lead for the movie and made his mark with great acting.

You can also find great cinematography that will give you the look and feel of the 16th century Maharashtra. 

2. Baaghi 3

Top Gross New Movies of 2020 Bollywood

Baaghi 3 is not a good movie to watch. It is just another new wrapper for the old-stricken script. Then why did I allow the movie on this list? Popularity.

Such movie production houses know that their flim does not have any solid ground for anything.

So this production houses keep hefty amounts sometimes even 50% of all movie budget into marketing.

For that reason, Even before one month of release, you’ll start seeing articles and advertisements about these movies.

The movie made well over ₹137 crores and secure another good amount selling digital rights.

The amount for selling the movie digitally is still not public, Nor there is any chance of getting the information. But if go with estimates the sum is around 40 crore. 

3. Street Dancer 3D

Top Gross New Movies of 2020 Bollywood

Street Dancer 3D or Unofficial ABCD 3, The dance drama movie is stretching for too long.

Though film critic already speculated that the movie will not do good business. But they were unsure that movie won’t even cross the 100 crore mark.

Street Dancer 3D made over ₹97 crores. Still, a good amount, But not what the production houses were expecting.

The over-stretch drama does not have any fresh story, But generic writing and even worse direction from the lead. Even though with so many flaws.

The movie is still one of the best new movies of 2020 Bollywood. Because they made it into the most-watched movies of 2020.

4. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan revenue gross over ₹86.39 crores. Even though the movie topic was controversial. The response from the audience was nonetheless good.

Although the movie looks like made in rush. Because the storyline is smooth and does not add any curiosity. It was first of it’s kind.

Ayushmann Khurrana does not perform the way people were expecting. Due to the expectation of people before the movie was super high.

But the film does not perform that well for many fans. But as a fresh idea, You can give this movie a try.

I know many people will feel uncomfortable watching this movie with the family. For that reason, Viewer discretion is advised. 

5. Malang

Top Gross New Movies of 2020 Bollywood

Malang got its production from Yash Raj Films. People have high expectations of YRF movies. And Malang has stood its ground.

The movie gross well over ₹84.50 crores. That’s great. Because many were expecting the movie to be a flop. Luckily the romantic-action movie gave a good fight in cinema halls.

And I must say, Even with so many assumptions the movie turn out to be OK. I won’t go any further and rate this movie more than OK.

Because It’s still bad. But of course, As there is no other competition this year. Malang is one of the best and highest-grossing movies of 2020. 

6. Chhapaak


Chhapaak is hard to evaluate, the true revenue of the movie is complicated. Because of the political intervention, That Deepika Padukone got involved, To promote her movie, And it got backfire.

Chhapaak only made a gross revenue of ₹55.44 crores. That’s immensely low for the cast and movie production.

If I have to estimate the movie revenue without the Deepika controversy. I’ll bet my wings on at least ₹100 crores. It was Deepika’s first own production venture.

But unfortunately turned out to be a disaster. The movie is based on a very important topic that people need to be educated on. A good movie got stuck in politics, lost its popularity. 

7. Love Aaj Kal

Love Aaj Kal has performed very poorly accumulating a total gross revenue of ₹52.63 crores.

It was a recreation of Imtiaz Ali 2009 film for the same name. I don’t know why did he felt to direct another movie for the same name and the same clumsy storyline.

It was good the first one, But directing another one was not so good idea. Songs were the only reason the movie made some popularity.

Apart from some scenes, The whole movie seems a product that no one needs. Find, A little peace with this movie if you haven’t watched the earlier spiritual successor. 

8. Jawaani Jaaneman

Jawaani Jaaneman

Jawaani Jaaneman should not have been released. It was simply, BAD. The article is about Top new movies of 2020 Bollywood, But still, I’m finding flaws in many movies on this list.

It does not mean the movies are pathetic. If you ask me then I’ll say they are. But for a one time watch, they are OK.

My expectation for movies that gross such high amounts is to be great. And when they do not meet the criteria it feels bad.

Because many people simply get lost and never find a good movie to watch. Because these production houses have virtually captured the whole market through marketing and fake reviews. 

9. Thappad


Thappad is a movie that got its direction from Anubhav Sinha. The movie production was done under the T-series banner. Taapsee Pannu is doing the lead in the movie.

It’s a story about a woman that gets slapped publicly and decides to divorce her husband for this matter. 

As arguments and fights are seen as common in marital life. For this one, She decides not to take this lightly. It is a good movie to watch.

The movie accumulated a gross revenue of ₹44.54 crores. And have been rated quite positively on review websites. 

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