Top Ten Movies Tv Shows Streaming Sites in India

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Top 10 Streaming sites in India

Today, when the Internet is viral like a virus everywhere and in this generation of social media, where anything and almost everything is shared and a maximum of the Indian population is using it as an addiction, then how it is possible that Movies and TV,  that we are excited about being left behind.

Instant access to movies anytime anywhere

It was a very old time when Television was the only source to watch your favorite shows and movies at home and As a result to schedule yourself according to the timing of the shows and movies was trouble. But time has changed now due to the existence of various streaming providers and cheap data rates in India.

streaming providers

Well, this all is possible just because of new internet sites and speedy internet connections. Watching your favorite movies and Tv shows according to your convenient timing and places is a more comfortable and economical way.

Here, we present the streaming providers list to you

So… these are Top 10 Streaming Sites in India where you can simply watch online and download your favorite Movies and TV shows either by paying a very small amount of subscription or even for free.

  • YOUTUBE: YouTube is the most popular website, not only in India but all over the World.  You can watch your favorite shows, movies, videos of animals, movie trailers and much more. Not only this, but you can also download some of the movies for free. Youtube ranks number one amongst all top ten streaming sites. Go to Youtube.
  • NETFLIX: Netflix is another most popular website with a huge number of movies and TV series for its subscribers. What you have to do is just paying a small monthly subscription and you can watch everything on Netflix without any limit. Go to Netflix.
  • HOTSTAR: Hotstar is a well-known website. It has access to TV shows and Movies. Just by registering ourselves to the app we can watch everything in High Definition (HD)quality at no cost. Go to Hotstar
  • AMAZON PRIME VIDEO: Amazon prime video is a website, where you can watch online and download your favorite shows and movies unlimitedly just by subscribing to it. Go to Amazon Prime
  • HULU: Hulu is an online streaming site, which allows accessing to your favorite shows and movies by paying a monthly subscription. If in case, you want to use it for free, then the websites allow you to access some of the shows and movies which you can watch for no cost. Go to HULU.
  • MOVIETUBE: This website allows you to watch your favorite and latest movies online in full HD. It does not require any registration or signups for enjoying your favorite shows and movies online.
  • HOUSEMOVIE.TO: This website works as an online cinema where you can watch and enjoy your favorite movies online for free. Go to HouseMovie.
  • SEE HD: SEE HD is a movie Streaming online website which allows its users to watch their favorite movies and shows online for just in a click. Go to SEE HD.
  • YES MOVIES: Yes movies another Streaming website having a wide and huge range of movies and shows. It includes the latest movies also. It is absolutely free to watch online and even they inform their users about the next upcoming uploads. Go to Yes Movies.
  • SONY CRACKLE: Sony crackle is an online movie Streaming website. It is owned by Sony Entertainment Pvt Ltd. It allows you to watch your favorite movies for free either on the website or through the app available on IOS and android. Go to Sony Crackle.

To enjoy all the streaming services, you might have to make a monthly subscription. We personally recommend Netflix, as it has a great collection of Movies and Tv-shows of all genres. You might also try the free ones like Youtube etc. We will keep you updated with the latest updates on the top 10 movies and tv-shows streaming sites in India. Stay tuned and keep checking our blog for the latest tv-shows and movie releases.