Top Tv Show and Web Series Like Asur to watch online

How to watch Asur Web Series Online

Asur is a fabulous visual representation of suspense thriller with a twist from Indian Mythology. Even while watching you will come to points, Where you’ll compare the web series with Scared games. But I’m not going to that.  I’m going to tell you the correct Top Tv Show and Web Series Like Asur to watch online. Before I tell you which web series are alike Asur. We need to know the key aspect of this web series. Or what people like to say In a nutshell. The abstract topics of the web series are Serial Killing, Mythology, and revenge with of course Indian twists. 

Before we start this list, I need to add the most alike movie of Asur.  If I say so it might have even drawn inspiration from that movie. The movie’s name is Seven, It shares a similar story of a serial killer, killing people, And leaving reference from the Christian mythology. That being said let’s start this list. 

1. Killing Eve

Top Tv Show and Web Series Like Asur to watch online

Killing Eve is BBC’s original show. And this is most alike show that I can think off. Why? Because if we remove all the aside content from Asur web series, We are left with a story of a serial killer. And if you are looking for similar web series then Killing Eve is one of the best. This is truly a bone-chilling show and you can’t just stop watching it. 

2. Leila


Leila, I know what are you thinking about; why you have added a propaganda web series. Let me explain, why it’s similar to Asur. In Leila, we can see Dystopian India. And in the web series many times we could see that the serial killer father, Was living under one such fiction Dystopian Society. He convinced his kid that he was a devil because he was born during a certain period of time. And his kid also inherited this belief and started a life of destruction. In Leila also we can see that people are living with fictional reality and their kids are inheriting their false beliefs. 

3. True Detective

Top Tv Show and Web Series Like Asur to watch online

True Detective is the best web series on serial killing and suspense thriller. It is not exactly like Asur, But still, you’ll get the fell of sticking to the end of every episode. If you are missing this show, Then you are losing onto a lot. The IMDb rating of this web series is over 9.0 one of the highest. The show has one of the highest ratings in the US and UK. 

4. The Alienist

Top Tv Show and Web Series Like Asur to watch online

The Alienist is one of the best crime thriller web series. There is heavy use of psychology and mind tricks in this web series. Even that the web series is based in 1896, You’ll find the technology to be mind-blowing. The killer is a lot more discipline and gruesome than any serial killer you’ll find around. 

5. Ghoul 


Ghoul got some bad review and Yes, It deserves it. But the idea of the web series was actually quite good. but the execution was absolutely horrible. But if you are looking for web series that are alike Asur, You can rewatch this web series again, In case, If you have already. You may ask why it’s alike. Of course, I can’t tell you that it will be a spoiler, But yes it’s somewhat similar. 

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