What to buy on Dhanteras and Diwali according to Zodiac Sign

What to Buy on Dhanteras

Shop according to the zodiac this Diwali and Dhanteras, Prosperity will shine, luck will be in the house.

The festival of Deepawali brings happiness and prosperity to your home. Starting from Dhanteras and this festival ends at Bhai Dooj.
It is considered auspicious to purchase utensils and gold and silver jewelry or any metal on Dhanteras.
The day of Dhanteras is Known as God Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi day. In this year of 2019, Dhanteras will be celebrated on 25 October. Be sure to shop on Dhanteras, but if you buy things according to your zodiac and bring them at home, your wealth will increase multifold. Similarly, according to the zodiac sign on Diwali, if you bring the statue of Ganesh-Lakshmi to home, then this Diwali will also be of the wealthy for you.

1. Aries


On this Dhanteras, you should buy copper metal utensils and bring it home. For Deepawali, you can buy a statue of Lakshmi Ganesh painted with coral or red color, so that way the Diwali of Aries people will be Lakshmiwan.

2. Taurus


People of Taurus zodiac can buy bright polished utensils on Dhanteras. If you are thinking of buying jewelery then silver or diamond jewelry will be good for you. For Lakshmi Puja, you can celebrate your Diwali by bringing home a statue painted with silver color.

3. Gemini


If you are planning to shop on Dhanteras day, then it would be best to bring bronze utensils for you. At the same time, for Lakshmi Puja, you should buy a statue of Lakshmi Ganesh painted in green color. This will bring happiness and prosperity to your home.

4. Cancer


You should buy silver on Dhanteras this time to please Lakshmi with Cancer sign. At the same place, buy a statue of Lakshmi Ganesh Painted with silver color to be installed in the temple. you will get the desired boon and Maa Lakshmi will be happy and come to your home.

5. Leo


For the entire year to be auspicious, people of your zodiac sign can buy copper or golden polished utensils on Dhanteras. Buy Lakshmi-Ganesh dyed with golden color for worshiping on Diwali puja.

6. Virgo


On this Dhanteras with Virgo Horoscope, you can bring a pot of bronze to get happiness and prosperity to your home. To install Ganesh and Lakshmi in Deepawali worship, you can buy Shri Yantra and a green-colored Statue.

7. Libra


To bring happiness and prosperity on this Dhanteras, people of Libra can bring electronic goods, silver utensils and there will be prosperity in their house and Maa Lakshmi will be invoked. For this Deepawali, buy a statue of Laxmi and Ganesh of Plaster of Paris.

8. Scorpio


To get the blessings of Maa Lakshmi on Dhanteras, buy copper utensils and gold jewelry. For the worship on Diwali, buy a statue of Lakshmi Ganesh painted with coral or red color and install them by laying a red cloth.

9. Sagitarrius


If you buy brass utensils, gold jewelry on Dhanteras, Maa Lakshmi will provide happiness and prosperity to your family. You should buy a golden color or brass statue of Lakshmi-Ganesh for worship.

10. Capricorn


You can buy electronic goods or iron utensils according to your zodiac owner Saturn on Dhanteras. On this Diwali, this time you bring the idol of Lakshmi Ganesh of Neel Varna or Shyam Varna and worship them throughout the year.

11. Aquarius


If you are thinking about buying a vehicle for a long time, then it will be auspicious time to buy on the occasion of Dhanteras. Apart from this, you can also buy any metal utensils. For worship on Deepawali, buy a statue of Lakshmi Ganesha dyed in multi-colors.

12. Pisces


If you buy Brass utensils, gold-silver jewelry will provide auspiciousness for you on Dhanteras. On this Diwali, buying a statue of Lakshmi-Ganesh painted with golden color will be auspicious and your Diwali will be filled with happiness.

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