What will happen in Netflix Altered Carbon (Season 2) and Release Date

Anthony Mackie

Altered carbon, a sci-fi web series premiered in Netflix originals on 2nd February 2018. As the title indicates, the first season focused on the rise of technology some 300 years later in the future. Since this is based on its namesake novel written by Richard K. Morgan. So season 2 was also assumed to be an adaptation of sequel novels of Morgan to Altered carbon.

The basic plot of Altered Carbon:

The basic plot of this web series is inspired by Richard Morgan’s novel of the same name. Some 360 years later, humans developed a technology making them immortal. As they can store the memories and consciousness of any person in a circular disc-shaped stack. So a person cannot die until the stack is destroyed. Also, the stack of a dead person can be transplanted in another dead body.

The storyline of Altered Carbon season 1:

In the first season, a wealthy businessman retrieves the stack of Takeshi Kovacs. Takeshi Kovacs belonged to rebel groups against rising technology. And so he was murdered along with its whole envoy. Years later, Laurens Bancroft (ruthless businessman) retrieves his stack from the prison cell. With the help of doctors, he successfully transplanted the stack of Kovacs in the dead body of a police officer. After gaining life, Bancroft assigned Kovacs to solve a murder mystery in return for getting a new lease of life. So this is the synopsis of season 1.

Altered carbon season 1

Altered Carbon Season 2 trailer:

Though the trailer failed to give any insight into the story of season 2, it gained interest.  But the entry of new actors for the role of protagonist and also with the entry of new characters, it is assumed to be inspired by one of the sequels to the altered carbon novel. As the author, Richard K. Morgan already had written its sequel novels named “Broken Angels” and “Woken Furies”. Based on the trailer of the cast, the critics and net world are assuming the story to be adapted from “Broken Angels”.

Altered Carbon season 2 predictions:

With the two years hiatus on the release of the second season, the fans are excited with the announcement of season 2 premiere. Since the release is due to be around the starting of next year, it is expected to garner more interest among the viewers. The makers are striving hard to reach the expectations of the viewers.

The cast of Altered Carbon in season 2:

Let’s see the new cast and their characters:

Anthony Mackie- The new sleeve or body for the stack of Kovacs

Anthony Mackie - Altered Carbon Season 2

Simone Missick- Trepp

Simone Missick - Altered Carbon Season 2

Dina Shihabi – Dig 301

Torben Liebrecht – Colonel Ivan Carrera

James Saito – Tanaseda Hideki

Lela Loren – Danica Harlan

Casts retained from season 1:

Chris Conner – Edger Poe an Artificial Intelligence

Renee Elise Goldsberry – Quellcrist Falconer (Dead), Boss of Kovacs when he was alive.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Release date:

If you are looking for the answer to – When Altered Carbon Season 2 Launch?, Here is the answer to it: The Altered Carbon season 2 is expected to be released around February 2020, which is almost 2 years after season 1. Although Season 2 will be shorter than season 1, it is speculated that it will be equally entertaining.

This sci-fic is interesting to view. The concept of moving the conscious to other bodies is similar to the concept of ghost capturing other bodies. So it gives a scientific explanation for the situation of the ghost. As the soul is similar to consciousness, if it is stored and transplanted to another body, everyone will be immortal.

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