Why Twitter is trending Salman Khan is biased

twitter is trending salman

Big Boss 13: A lot of people are unhappy about Salman khan taking a side against Siddharth Shukla. The audiences are very upset about the treatment of Mahira khan. 

On Sunday Salman khan was trending on the top of twitter’s trend. And not for any good reason this time. The Chulbul Pandey of Bollywood, Who also suppose to host the popular reality show Bigg Boss.

He has upset a number of people on social media. And the offended people were ranking hashtag like  #BiasedHostSalmanKhan all day long. Salman khan supported the contestant Siddharth Shukla on his Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Sunday. Which certainly didn’t perform well for the section of netizen. 

Why Twitter is trending Salman Khan is biased

 twitter is trending salman

At his weekly intervention, Salman khan took side with Siddharth Sukhla. He insisted that Siddharth is not the person running the show. Because everyone in the BB house has issues with him. He was smiling throughout the episode after getting a genuine validation from Salman khan himself. 

Salman told that anyone who is fighting with Siddharth is trying to grab limelights. He targeted Mahira’s case and told why she was criticizing Siddharth during the task. In which she got hurt. After some talks, Siddharth comes into himself defense, Told that he was just doing his task and she fell on her own, not because of him. 

Salman was looking very much convinced by Siddharth and his side of the story.  He went onto say that she is trying to create a new image for the outside world. And when Mahira with a sarcastic tone said that Sidharth is ‘Mahan’ and she will stay away from him. Salman got angry and told her to stop performing drama.

Mahira bashing fireback on Salman khan

Bad luck for Salman, Because this time audiences were not on the Salman side. Nor they were on Siddharth’s side. After Salman aggressively defended Siddharth Mahira got a sympathy wave from the internet.

The BB fans took on twitter and start criticizing Salman and the big boss platform. Fans find it very Salman’s behavior as very aggressive. This argument which started between two people has taken an ugly side.

People on twitter have been bashing the show for gender discrimination against women. Some twitter users even wrote that the show should be taken down effective and immediately. Because it fuels gender discrimination. After this trend, a lot of people were asking how so many people find that incident on weekend ki var discriminatory. One user wrote”How come this all are praising an aggressive man in BB house”  Some even started commenting on the personal life of Siddharth.  

This behavior of Salman khan was certainly a shock for everyone. Because he only does not target Mahira but also all the other BB contestants. He defended Sidharth even after his “rude behavior” this was a surprising thing to many BB audiences.  Salman was not looking very happy for this episode. He told Mahira “Don’t do this drama in front of me” because I understand everything. 

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